A seriously beautiful post today

Everyone is innately beautiful. Nature cannot be otherwise; beauty is at the heart of our world. A wise philosopher said that ‘Nature is evidence of the presence of the Divine.’ And just as God is so beautiful, so nature is beautiful without even trying. It is only when we try to go against our natural beauty that we destroy it.Over and over again I encounter women’s insecurities, to the extent that I have come to look at portraiture as a form of therapy. I know what beautiful is, and I will photograph you looking truly beautiful if you let me. I will show you something of your own, special beauty. Your beauty is unique – for example, no one else has legs that shape. You may think they are too thick, but they are not – they are part of the poetry of you. They are enough for you to be you. Be who you are and that will be beautiful, that will be abundantly enough.One of the oddest things is that about 70% of women are insecure about their arms. I have known stunning brides with well toned arms say that their arms are too big. Other women think their arms are too flabby. Really, girls, will you let yourselves win? I’ve learnt that I have to edit arms in photoshop to make women feel good about themselves. I’m happy to do it, but a bit bemused about it if I’m honest. We all know those pictures of models are a) edited dramatically and b) unattractive to men anyway. So stand firm and don’t let fashion designers and magazine editors make you feel bad about yourself so that they can feel superior. (I love magazines, I really do, but let’s face it, they are very guilty of doing this.)Beauty is not about dyeing your hair pink (do it if it makes you feel happy though!), or starving yourself to fit into the editor of Vogue’s idea of what you should look like, it is about being happy and healthy first and foremost.Think about a beautiful horse; it will have a glossy tail and a well toned, well covered body. And a beautiful, good natured soul. Nobody ever pointed to a skeletal horse with dull fur and a mean nature and said – look how beautiful! It’s the same with you – your beauty comes from your soul and your health.Something happens in our brains when we look in the mirror and we stop seeing ourselves, and just see a whole load of criticisms. Learn to look at yourself as others see you. Not bitchy others, but as a stranger might see you. Remember, you are a work of art and your life is the frame. You are innately beautiful.This post is in support of the fantastic project that Vogue Italia is running to support victims of anorexia and bulimia and ban the horrible pro-ana and pro-mia websites that now exist. http://www.vogue.it/en/magazine/your-blog-against-ana-and-mia/2012/04/your-blogs-against-ana-and-mia On their website you will find a collection of blogs in support of people struggling against this disease. This is a heartfelt message of support to all those who struggle with it. If you are struggling with either of these terrible illnesses, feel free to use the comments section as a forum to discuss your own insights. A great website for getting more in depth help is http://www.b-eat.co.uk ps the credit for this gorgeous outfit lies fairly and squarely with State of Grace http://www.thestateofgrace.com http://www.maggiehunt.net was the gifted make up artist.